Virtual visits and the perception of your business by the client

In a period of economic difficulties in which we are currently, each time companies have greater difficulties to sell their services and / or products. Every effort is little to reach our clients and capture their attention in an attractive and effective way that makes them contract our services.

A good tactic that can help us achieve this goal is the implementation of Visits or Virtual Tours on our website, through which are displayed, in an easy and interactive, our services and facilities to users who visit us.

Virtual tours or virtual tours, become the most visited sections of any web page, due to the great visual appeal and high level of interactivity. Notably increase the permanence of the user on the page, and consequently, their attraction and interest in the place photographed. The user perceives the spherical space with a totally believable and natural view, as it is in reality from any computer with Internet access. This is the great attraction, that of inviting the navigator with the possibility of making a virtual visit to the place, with the feeling of being there.

We show below an example that we have implemented:

Through this example we intend to show an advance of the possibilities of this type of service. By just moving the mouse, and thanks to the “spherical panoramic photographs”, users can observe the space photographed in 360ºx180º as if they were present in the same place. In this way we can navigate between the different images and get closer to those areas that are considered more relevant.

The advantages of offering Virtual Tours are numerous and relevant, highlighting the following:

Impress your clients before seeing the real installations.

Increase and generate more confidence among your customers by showing your establishment as it is, without the tricks or “tricks” of a traditional photograph.

Increase sales and reserves of your real estate property. Clients value what they see very much; A virtual tour is the best way to see your accommodation and increase the chances of making a request, and that it becomes a reservation.

It is an investment that is made only once.

If an image is worth a thousand words, a virtual view is worth more than a thousand images.