Viral Marketing as a strategy to spread your business

Have you ever heard about Viral Marketing?

The idea is to transmit a content of interest, so that it can reach people in a constant and attractive way. When a message meets this requirement for a large number of people and we manage to capture their attention in a significant way, it is very likely that the recipient of the message will immediately become a sender of the message. When the message achieves this effect, the consequences in the propagation of the information are very positive, since it spreads exponentially and with the particularity that it does it among people who maintain a relationship of trust.
This is how Viral Marketing works, without a doubt a special and highly effective marketing strategy, used to attract potential customers to your business.

The role of social networks

Thanks to the use of social networks, information is disseminated and distributed very quickly throughout the network. In addition, this propagation is done automatically with little or no investment on the part of the person who puts it into practice.

We have only to think about the popularity of YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, where the probability of a group of people echoing and disseminating a message is high, for example, by publishing it on their wall or retweeting.

But for this the content that we offer must provide some value. We also need traffic to our website or to the video trigger of the campaign, doing for it a thorough planning of the action and review the strategy of the campaign before embarking on the adventure.
Viral marketing strategies

For Ralph Wilson, a US consultant specialized in Marketing, there are six elements that must be present in any viral marketing strategy:

Offer a valuable product or service for potential customers.
Providing a very simple means of dissemination.
The service must be quickly scalable.
Exploit motivation and human behavior.
Use existing communication networks.
Take advantage of the resources of others.

Viral marketing example

The queen of viral campaigns on the Internet was promoted from the network. It was done without spending a dollar on television advertising, and in which the product did not go anywhere. MTV launched a group called “The Happiness” that belonged to a fictitious association called “AsociaciĆ³n Nuevo Renacer”, parodied them as a right-wing, ultra-Catholic and naive youth, and thus promoted them throughout the network. The band played for a long time in various media until MTV revealed that they had created the group to make themselves known in Spain.

Before considering a viral marketing campaign, it is necessary to define the objectives of the same and they must be carried out according to the main objective of marketing. Let’s not forget that viral marketing is a support and complement to marketing actions in general, although many times it almost eclipses the rest of the actions carried out.