The Versatility of Long Span Shelving Systems

Shelves are one of the tried and tested storage systems around. It is the go-to option for residential and commercial storage needs. But it wasn’t until the advent of long span shelving Sydney industry when its widespread use was known in the commercial and warehouse industry. Nowadays, you can see long span shelves used in the retail and commerce industry for warehousing supplies and other items.

If you would like to improve organization on your storage facility, you should consider long span shelving in Sydney. Storing items in a box used to be the main storage option around. However, there are a lot of risks involved when storing and stacking storage boxes. The boxes could fall off and tumble over either causing damage to the items or causing injury to your staff.

Long span shelves have various applications. Long span shelving Sydney storage solutions are ideal for businesses with large warehouses. Aside from being large and heavy duty, there is a lot of storage space available. This makes it ideal for commerce and retail companies with a massive product distribution warehouse. On the flip side, they are also practical items to use at home or in the office. The long shelves can be used for organizing paper works, documents and other essential items that need to be filed with ease.

It is also highly durable so you do not have to worry about stuff falling off the shelves once you put it into place. In fact, Sydney long span shelving solutions are designed to store heavy duty items of up to 30,000 lbs. You need to consult with the shelves manufacturer about the maximum weight limit to ensure the safety of your items. There are several specified payloads that are suitable for various types of shelves so you can shop around other options when you need to store heavier items. If you use the shelves for storing items less than its weight limit, then you can further expand the life span of this storage solution.

The affordability of long span shelves is another good point about this storage solution. Prices vary greatly depending on your area, but you can find long span shelving Sydney solutions at reasonable prices for the capacity. It is therefore important to shop around for prices before you purchase one for your warehouse so you do not compromise quality for a cheaper price tag.

As mentioned above, it is no good to save money on buying long span shelves that easily break. Aside from the cost of replacing the shelves, you could also stand on losing a lot of money when your items are damaged. Shop for the best quality long span shelving Sydney has to offer so you can have security that your items are safe from damage. One way to determine quality is to look at the materials used for the construction of the shelves. Some of the common shelving materials include timber, steel, or melamine panels. Sizes are also available in a wide range to suit your individual needs. Visit

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