Android leads the growth of smartphones in 2010

The figures for global sales of smartphones for the third quarter of 2010 have just been released by Gartner and confirm again two trends that other consultants had already pointed out.

First, that the sale of smartphones is growing at high speed and has almost doubled in the last year (with a growth of 96%). In the last three months more than 81 million smartphones have been sold.

Second, and more important, is that Android, being available for a variety of brands, is the one that is best taking advantage of this growth. To such an extent that it could close the year as the first advanced mobile operating system, ahead of Symbian, which is practically the same as saying Nokia. Gartner mentions the good sales of some high-end specific terminals, such as Samsung Galaxy S, but does not forget to talk about the increasing presence of Android in the mid and low range, with models that are not subject to contract .

In the last three months, 29 million smartphones were sold with Symbian versus 20 million with Android. Symbian has gone from agglutinating 44% of the market to reducing this percentage to 36.6%. While Android already accounts for 25.5%. If the Christmas campaign plays in favor of Android and Nokia continues to decline, these positions can be reversed. The figures also confirm that, worldwide, Apple has overtaken RIM, and now ranks third with 13 million units of iPhone sold – 16.7% of the market – compared to 11 million Blackberries – 14.8 % -.

Android, in addition, is about to receive a new update of the operating system, which could mean a boost in sales during the coming months. Of Gingerbread, the name that will receive this new version, the 2.3, is still known but it seems certain that it will include an improved graphic interface, higher screen resolution (up to 1,366 x 768 pixels), and a decided bet for the video call and the voice over IP, allowing to make voice calls, for example, between contacts of the Google Talk instant messaging system.